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10 Tips for Better Copy Writing

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If you’re focused on getting better at attracting big clients and customers then you need to digest this 10 tips about copywriting. Whether you’re writing a letter, social media post, or a flier or anything that will sell your business, these are 10 Tips for better copywriting.

  1. Identify your target audience
    Who are you writing for? I find it surprising when some business owners are asked this question, and they say ‘everyone’. The truth is, even if you’re selling an essential commodity like sugar, you can target different groups of people, but not everyone if you want to get maximum result. This is important so you know how to speak to the people you need to reach (Because every group in society has their own speak).
  2. Adjust your tone to speak to them 
    So if your product is mainly targeted to undergraduates for example, and young people between say 18-35, you want your language to be free. It’s also different when you’re directing your copy to working class women, stay at home moms, newly weds, men etc.
  3. Know your goal. 
    What is your writing trying to achieve? Every word should contribute towards this goal.

 4. Talk about the benefits of your product instead of the features.
Instead of saying- this product was made with a particular type of material (which I may not even know). Just tell me the benefit I.e, “It’s water resistant, or it saves electricity or it absorbs heat” etc

Here’s a sample of what I mean. This person is trying to sell a bottle. But I really don’t care about the “triple wall…..” I just want to know that it can keep my beverage cold for 24 hours

  1. Identify your Unique Selling Point
    Find out what differentiates your product from your competitors and put that out in your content.   For example your USP can be that you offer free delivery, home service, might be the price, or that you offer a lot of choices. For example, I like going to The Place because they have a good number of options apart from the regular jollof, fried and white rice. And it’s relatively affordable. So whatever it is, ensure you put it out in your communication. Let people know.
  2. Establish a connection with your audience and discuss their pain points
    Help them see that you understand what they are going through. Because at the end of the day, your product is here to solve a problem. So help them see how “inconvenient” their lives currently are, and how your product can transport them to where they want to be. E.g you might have seen some writing that says stuff like “Imagine waking up every morning knowing that you don’t have to worry about __” You’re showing them how amazing their lives can be. And your product is the vehicle.
  3. Understand your medium
    One of the reasons we dont get the conversion we want is because we dont consider the medium we’re writing on. The kind of content you put out on Instagram should be different from Linkedin or facebook.
    Sometimes I see people write really long captions on Instagram, and I really like them. I want to read it, but I don’t have the patience 😩. Instagram is not the place for that. You can write an article or perhaps create a thread on twitter. Also, if you’re writing for LinkedIn, you should be thinking more “thought leadership” articles . Bottom line is, understand where you are, and the behaviour of people on that platform.
  4. Make your writing clear and simple
    Avoid trying to put out too much information at the same time and avoid trying to sound too smart. The point really is for people to understand what you’re trying to say.
  5. Include a call to action
    All these would be a waste if you actually don’t tell your audience what to do. E.g subscribe, buy, share, like, etc. If your copy is good, people won’t see it as selling or advertising. They’ll even share it organically.
  6. Curate Great Copy

Examples of Great Copy: QuickTeller’s newsletters.

I think if you have a mailing list that’s the kind of content you should aim for. So I’ll share a few

You see they’re selling to me, but it doesn’t feel that way. I’m constantly nodding my head when I’m reading because I feel like they get me. And then they say “by the way… you can pay with quick teller “

People want to know that you care for them. And you’re not just here with an “Ulterior motive” to sell.
So when you’re writing anything, put your audience in focus, and ask yourself, if I were the customer, how would I like to be spoken to???

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