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20 Things Successful People Avoid

  1. Drugs – You pay a far bigger price than money to use Drugs.
  2. Joining a Career for Money – No amount of money will be able to justify 40+ years of doing something you don’t fully enjoy.
  3. Waiting – In 99% of the cases you just need to go and do it. It will not get better with time. Ask that person out. Start on your dream. Begin the habit. Do it now!
  4. Flaking on your boundaries – Loose Boundaries = Personal Hell. Keep the boundaries you set; it’s the best way to succeed.
  5. Travel – All that self-finding you think you’ll do you will push away. You can find yourself anywhere, you do not need to travel for it.
  6. Reading too much – A book every now and again is great to learn, but if you do not apply what you learn you are just wasting time.
  7. Arguing over Beliefs – A belief is a belief. Just like an opinion it’s personal, based on experiences and points of view. It matters to the person, is not always factual, but gives them something positive. Do not waste your time intensely arguing about these.
  8. Keeping Toxic Relationships – Just drop them. They will not change the way you want them to.
  9. The News – News are just another business trying to drive in traffic with emotional, over-the-top content. It’s purposefully made more extreme and gives a wrong view of the world.
  10. Wasting Time in Negative Situations – If the movie sucks, stand up and leave. If the family event is awful, save yourself some heartache and go. Count your losses instead of prolonging them; you already wasted enough time.
  11. Taking a Passive Role in Life – This is your life and your responsibility. Good things will not come and find you unless you go and look for them.
  12. Regrets – If you regret something then deal with it as soon as you can or let it go. Purely regretting something serves no purpose.
  13. Settling in anything – You do not have to settle for a job, relationship or hobby. Find ways to always improve.
  14. A Degree – If that degree does not serve a purpose then it is worthless. Why do you need it? Why do you want it? What will it do for you?
  15. Giving up Joy for Productivity – High-Performers swear to this until they become so sad and apathetic that they cannot even do a 10-hour work week. To be your best you need to feel your best! Remember that.
  16. Video Games – If you spend more than 2 hours a day on video games without it being your job, you are spending too much time on them. You are addicted.
  17. Brand Items – Clothes, Cars, or anything else that has a brand is just a way for you to gain status. The question is, why do you need to gain this status? Is it really worth paying up to 20x for the same product?
  18. Comparing – There is always someone better and worse than you at everything. But you have lead completely different lives. Stop comparing apples to bananas based on how curvy they are.
  19. Not Accepting yourself – You are you and you spend 24 hours a day with yourself. Become your own best friend, not your worst enemy.
  20. Giving less than 100% – This is your life. You are alive Now. Why would you give any situation less than you are capable of? That just leads to an unfulfilled life. Play hard. Work hard. Relax hard. Love hard. Laugh hard

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