Paschal Agonsi


This year,

  1. The Lord shall be your Shepherd and you will remain His Sheep.
  2. You shall not lack all you need spiritually, physically and materially.
  3. The Lord shall make you lie down and enjoy good rest and peace daily. He will make you lie down in His green pasture, His provisions on all sides.
  4. The Lord shall lead you; you will not be led by human imaginations, self, world system, and the boredom of your negative past.
  5. The Lord shall lead you besides the still waters; you life will not be controlled by or subjected to the noise and commotions of this world. You will enjoy quietness on all sides.
  6. The Lord shall restore your soul; restoration from all troubling pasts and thoughts of uncertainty for the future.
  7. The Lord shall lead you in the path of His righteousness. Self righteousness will not drive you away from all that us your portion in Him.
  8. The Lord shall make you live for His name alone.
  9. You will enjoy the blessings and power of His name. You will call His name and He will answer.
  10. Yes, you might walk in the valley of the shadow of death, you will not die.
  11. Sickness and afflictions as type of shadow of death will not overpower your body and Spirit.
  12. You will not live your life in fear. You will live daily in increasing Faith.
  13. You will not fear evil or be threatened by the plots of the wicked even the kingdom of darkness.
  14. The Lord shall be with you daily and in all circumstances. You will live in His presence and enjoy the blessings of His presence daily.
  15. The Lord by His Spirit will comfort you daily. The Comforter Himself will be with you as He i s in you.
  16. You will enjoy the discipline of His rod and the blessings of His staff. Your life will not resist all needed discipline for growth in grace.
  17. The Lord will grant you joy and peace in the presence of your enemies and protection against their plots. You will feast daily at His Table and enjoy all the nourishments you need for spiritual growth.
  18. The Lord shall anoint your head daily with His oil and consecrate you for His purpose daily.
  19. You cups of blessings and gladness shall overflow into the lives of others around you, your family and neighbors.
  20. The Lord shall make His goodness and mercy dwell with you and accompany you in all your daily engagements.
  21. You will dwell in God’s presence daily and not miss your place in His plan. Sin, deeds of the flesh and worldly pleasures will not steal you away from the presence of God.


Happy New Year. You will indeed be happy and joyful. God will answer all prayers and keep you safe.


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