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5 Signs You’re Heading For Success

August 9, 2019

Ever wondered how you can tell if someone will be successful in the future or not?

Lui Anbar Rhainata shares 5 common qualities successful people he has met from many different areas in life: school, university, work place, community, etc.

Here we go…

  1. They never complain. Whether it is a tight budget, impossible deadlines or even something as simple as their car breaking down, you will never hear these people complain. They just smile, move on and continue working.
  2. They are committed. They know what they want to achieve and they know exactly how to achieve it. They will keep on trying, working, and learning until they reach their goals.
  3. They read a lot. They understand that in order to be exceptional at something, they need to invest time on learning. No one becomes a master at anything without learning.
  4. They are great leaders. Wherever they stand they know that they need support from their colleagues or coworkers and vice versa. They appreciate people’s hard work and they always make sure to express gratitude.
  5. They never gossip. They know that talking shit about someone behind their back only brings troubles. They talk about important stuff instead.

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