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5 Things You Should Never Fight For

Death is inevitable, and it’s a price every human being on earth must pay some day. But there are some deaths that are avoidable. I am very sorry to say that the death some people die some times is due to avoidable problems.

Problems that they should have just let go peacefully and continue with their lives. Some deaths are not worth dying trust me… is better you walk away from some certain problems and allow God to take control instead of fighting.

Today, i will be listing just five things you should not fight over if your goal is to live longer. It’s only God that knows our appointed time to die but we can avoid some problems which has the potential of bringing untimely death to us. What am about to mention have claimed so many innocent lives in the past, so you have to pay close attention as you read them below:

1. Women

Fighting over a woman to me is not worth it because it is a very dangerous task. There are people out there who are into charms and voodoo. Such people are willing to do anything just to get whatever they want, If you should engage in a woman fight with such persons, then your life could be in danger because they wouldn’t mind to remove you from their path with any means possible just to get what they want.

And besides, why fight over a woman? If a woman truly loves you, she should be with you and you alone. She wouldn’t want to make you fight over her just so she could be with you? God forbids that something bad happens to you along the line, that same woman will only mourn you for one week and move on with her life. She will peacefully get married to another man because she can’t tie her lifetime over a dead person.

So you see, fighting over a woman is a dangerous task and have killed so many promising young men in the past. If you must live long, avoid fighting over a woman. At the right time God will bring your own woman to you with little or no stress attached.

2. Land

Land dispute is also one thing that have claimed so many promising lives and still does till today. People forget that that same land which they are fighting over was there before they came, and will still remain there even when they are gone for the next one thousand years.

So why waste your precious life over material things? I also want to use this medium to advice us that before we get into any land deal, we should always make sure that the land is not fraudulent. We shouldn’t rush and buy any land we see because it’s cheap.

There are people who are fond of selling one land to numerous persons, and at the end of the day those persons will end up hurting themselves due to misunderstanding on who rightfully owns the land. So please, be careful when going into a land dispute to avoid untimely death. It’s only when you have life you can have hope of acquiring more properties.

3. Money

Money is a very good thing, we all need it to survive in this world and do so many positive things. But money is not something you should fight over if you really want to live long, because it is not worth your precious life. Money was here before you came, and it will definitely remain here even when you are gone.

Instead of you to fight with somebody over money, use that experience as a life lesson and move on with your life. Some people are extremely dangerous when it comes to money and wouldn’t mind to do anything just to get you out of their way. Be very careful when it comes to money issues with such people.

4. Revenge

So many promising young people have lost their lives because they refused to forgive those who hurt them deeply. Forgiveness is golden, and until you learn to forgive, you can never find inner peace. Yes, somebody might have wronged you in the past or done something evil to you, the only thing you owe such person is forgiveness.

Allow God almighty to take control of the situation. Don’t go about trying to hurt the person back because it is a dangerous move. What if at the point you are trying to revenge, you got attacked by the person? Or you are caught by the police? What will be your fate? Pray for God to handle the situation instead and live your life peacefully.

5. Social Positions

A true leader who is called to lead will be chosen by the people. If you have been chosen and some persons thinks they won’t give way for you to lead, take it to God in prayers. A leader who truly wants to serve his people with clean heart wouldn’t shed the blood of the innocent just to get into position.

Therefore, fighting over social position is very dangerous, not only to you, but also to your followers. There are some dangerous people with negative motives, and they would do anything just to get to positions of power. There is no need fighting such people! It is only God who will fight such battle for you. Take your case to him in prayers and live your life peacefully.

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