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6 Immutable Traits of Successful People


Successful people share common traits. There is definitely a common theme and here’s an easy way to detect them. Pay attention to these things:

  1. Great with people
  2. Not afraid of hard work
  3. Spends more time listening and observing than talking
  4. ALWAYS trying to improve and learn
  5. Creative mind
  6. Takes advantage of their situation – does not complain

Food for thought – if someone always talks about how successful they are? There is a good chance they only appear successful.

I relate success in business and life to success in the gym… There are people who are constantly looking at themselves in the mirror… flexing while they talk to others, and spend gobs of money on the latest fashion trend…. Those people probably also take supplements to make their muscles LOOK more impressive and strong than they actually are.

You ever notice that guy in the back wearing a long-sleeved shirt, headphones in, and is super focused while he does his 2–3 hour workout? That guy is most likely the strongest, most impressive and successful person in the gym.

It is the same in life. You see people flaunting their money and their ideas and their success – but the ones who are silently networking and building relationships and wealth are the ones you should listen to (if you can get them to talk).

Be humble. Be kind. Be curious. Be successful.

Source: Quora/Chris Anderson




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