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African Legends: Marcus Garvey

For reggae fans, Marcus Garvey rings a bell.

His acclaimed influence in the famous Bob Marley’s Redemption Song is a really a lot more than meets the ears.

Marcus Garvey incited the most ambitious revolution of the ‘negro-mind’ and racial politics in the 20th century.

Described by W. Du Bois as “the most dangerous enemy of the negro’ and ‘a half-wit low grade moron’ by A. Philip Randolf, we can clearly see that Garvey’s ‘Africa for Africans’ movement didn’t go down well with the Black Elite Community in the New World.

Garvey nevertheless was focused on advancing the Universal Negro Improvement Association, UNIA, despite his enemies branding him as a ‘notorious negro agitator.’

In truth, Marcus Garvey was a great visionary for people of African descent. He died June, 1940 but his legacy lives on. Truly, heroes never die, they live forever.

Discover in the video below, the man behind the name in this wonderful documentary of the life and times of Marcus Garvey.

Don’t miss our favourite quotes from Garvey’s wisdom afterwards.

The pen is mightier than the sword, but the tongue is mightier than them all.

People who have once done great things can do it again.

Always think of yourself as a perfect human being and be satisfied with yourself.

Black women should look at themselves in a new and beautiful way, with self-esteem and a sense of purpose.

Let no trouble worry you. Keep cool, keep cool.

Written by Paschal Agonsi. August 15, 2022.

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