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Ambition, Greed and Principles of Success

Written by Paschal Agonsi. August 22, 2022

Ambition is the fuel of achievement and success.

Ambition means moving forward with dreams and goals everyday.

Ambition is not greed. It is an eager desire to do well in life.

Greed is simply benefitting at the EXPENSE and PAIN of others.

Ambition is benefitting at the SERVICE and GAIN of others.

It is in everyone’s self-interest to be ambitious.

However, greed can only bring about doom, and gloom.

Inspired by Business philosopher, Jim Rohn, here are six quick principles of building and sustaining a powerful ambition.

  1. Positive Self Direction

Knowing who you are and where you are going

  1. Self Reliance

Taking responsibility for whatever happens to you; that whatever happens to you is as a result of your actions or activity.

  1. Self Discipline

Taking ambition at a daily level. One activity at a time. Big achievements come one day at a time.

  1. Self Enterprise

Consistently being able to create and take opportunity

  1. Serving Others

Working in harmony with others is important to your success. If you make a sale, you will make a living. If you follow up after the sales and offer extra services before they ask, you will earn a fortune.
To make a fortune, offer a fortune of service to others.

  1. Self Appreciation

Very important. Last but not the least, appreciate yourself. Reward and celebrate yourself everyday you achieve your daily objective.


In conclusion, always remember that big achievements come one day at a time.

In your ambition, note that success is measured by pleasure.

If you are not fulfilled or happy with what you are doing now, you cannot be successful.

You have to be happy and satisfied everyday you complete your tasks and responsibilities.

Success is a daily pleasure.

Power to your ambition.

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