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Building Effective Teams – Business Insights

The business world is not a place for loners.

You can’t succeed in business if you have poor people skills.

Learning how to manage people is more important than an MBA when it comes to business success.

The school/academic world taught us to get good grades on our own. The business world is much different scenario.

While getting help during an exam is wrong in school, getting help from colleagues, suppliers, professionals and customers is critical to business success.

There’s no such thing as a self made business success. Without help from people much knowledgeable and experienced than you, frustration can be a regular customer.

Frustration can also set in if one isn’t knowledgeable about building effective teams.

No matter how hard you work, team work delivers more better impact and results.

The biggest inventions and innovations in business and science are all products of team work and combined efforts.

The cars, houses, billion dollar companies, etc are all products of combined efforts.

According to Simon Sinek, creating a culture of shared values, a sense of belonging, where the leaders protects the rights of their members, sets the foundation stone for effective teams.

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