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Business & Schooling: LASU Law Student Making a Difference

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Simply known as Zulfah, her passion for entrepreneurship puts her in the unique class of student entrepreneurs Nigeria is blessed with. She founded House of Veils to cater for the fashion needs of the contemporary woman. Having spent 3 years in business and growing her brand of trendy veils, Zulfah talks about her entrepreneurship journey and the major lessons learnt so far.

“The journey is full of challenges, a lot has been learnt and I’m still learning but one major thing is don’t be scared of failure. When you fail or make mistakes, learn from it and move ahead. Be consistent with what you do, nobody made it overnight and most importantly always pray for Grace.”

Zulfah believes in her ability to make a positive change. She’s not scared to talk about her brand anywhere and encourages all student entrepreneurs not to look down on their humble beginnings. Here,she talks about her brand inspiration and why she’s making trends in the Nigerian Fashion industry.

“The House of Veils brand is inspired to cater for the contemporary women. I believe your headtie is part of your dressing and as such shouldn’t be boring. Our brand’s mission is to add spice to modest dressing with chic and trendy veils.”

Veils are very common among women in Nigeria and are fast becoming a fashion trend than a religious statement. House of Veils offers “Something elegant and not the regular”, says Zulfah. “Elegance and Quality are our unique selling points and why our customers choose us from the competition.”

“We assure durability of our products, no one would want to buy a product that won’t last long. I used to make some myself but over time I prefer the imported ones. Sometimes, the fabric available locally might not give the desired output. Zulfah explains the painstaking process of what makes House of Veils ‘The Customer Choice.’

On how she manages business and schooling, Zulfah says time management plays a major role.

“I’ve not really had that time as much as I’d like to give my business. Though I’m trying to manage both well but school is of much more importance now. When we talk about passion, I wasn’t really passionate about law. I had to go for law because the course I want isn’t very much available here. I’ve been studying law at LASU for 5 years now, no regrets.”

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