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Celebrating Nigeria at 60 – Paschal Agonsi

Many will becry Nigeria at 60 as a failure. Some will call for a division. Others will hope for things to change.

Sadly, waiting for things to change is a chief sign of immaturity. It’s the main reason why Nigeria is still struggling where she should be dominating. The truth is things will never change until we change.

Albert Einstein puts it beautifully, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” The problem of Nigeria is the same as that anywhere in the world. Believe me, the whole world is facing the same problems. The major problem affecting Nigeria and the rest of the world is the way we THINK.

Where thoughts prevail, power and actions follows. Our situation today is a direct reflection of how we think as a people. Our leaders think is okay to embezzle funds. Our teachers think is okay not to give their best. Our youths think is okay to be okay.

Our engineers think it’s okay to abandon projects and to be mediocre at best. Banks think it’s okay to deduct all kinds of charges. What about our leaders? Traders? Pastors? Government Officials?

Nigeria at 60

We must accept full responsibility for the change that we seek. Accepting full responsibility for the progress of Nigeria is the greatest form of maturity we can display. If we choose to doing nothing, we’re only displaying our immaturity, 60 years and counting.

Remember, it’s not what happens but what you do about it that’s your responsibility. Together, we can change our faulty thinking and take full responsibility for the change we seek. It’s a marathon not a sprint, we are on course, slow and steady wins the race.

Congratulations to Nigeria at 60.





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