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Cleaning Service Professionals Deserve Better Remuneration

Written by Paschal Agonsi

Excellent client service delivery is Uye Collins’ goal as CEO of Country Image Cleaning Services. Collins has about a decade experience helping brands achieve a successful outlook with professional cleaning. He spoke to about the challenges of the cleaning service industry and the need for better compensation.

“The biggest problem of the cleaning industry, for me, is the value people place on the industry. It is not a good one. Some people don’t see the industry as something they can pay more for, compared to other industries.

“Even when I’m given jobs by my customers, they don’t really want to pay for that quality service. They feel is just cleaning. That it is something they can do. They don’t see it as something that comes with one serious value.”

Uye Collins agrees that this shows there’s a problem with the cleaning industry communicating their value to their clients and prospects. “Yes. People don’t really want to pay much for the services rendered because they feel it is not something they can pay that much for. Despite that, my staff are committed professionals in what they do. They deserve better compensation but clients refuse to pay more.”

“Our marketing differentiation is built on excellence, high quality services and an eye for detail. Many other cleaning service providers barely understand details and most can’t work with minimal or no supervision.

Trust is also key. News about cleaners stealing clients’ valuables is a common occurrence. However, with Country Image Cleaning Services, we only hire people of high moral values. Our staff are 100% trustworthy and they will not take what is not theirs. I can guarantee them to any level.

Uye Collins says the main reason he started the business was to adopt a professional approach to cleaning services by offering exceptional facility cleaning and maintenance consultancy to public institutions, private and corporate clients, since 2010.

“What customers like most about our business is the professional and quality services we render to them. “An excellent job” is often the resounding chorus testimonial from our happy and delighted customers, after a job well done.

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