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Commitment to Service Delivery is Fashion BBS

Commitment to Service Delivery is Fashion best business strategy (BBS). Written by Paschal Agonsi

Johnwill Tubotamuno Otta is CEO Zjohnwillz, a clothing brand established over 2 years. Johnwill talks to POCARTI about how commitment to service delivery has been the best business strategy for him in his fashion business.

Before starting the business, Johnwill has always been a lover of high fashion and also loves looking good himself. His desire to share his unique fashion styles with his friends and family inflamed his business/entreprenuiral venture. The name ‘Zjohnwillz clothing’ is a short form of saying “it’s Johnwill’s clothing.”

Despite the economic challenges, the brand has experienced slowly growing earnings in the past two financial year reports . “We have delivered to all the major states in the country with high recommendation. Month to month, we keep improving on our stitching and provide the best tailors to do so.”

Johnwill agrees that marketing the brand on a bigger scale is the next challenge. “The prevalent problem or challenge we are facing now is reaching out to major fashion influencers and public figures in the country and even outside the country. This requires some level of publicity and repackaging.

Before my customers got to know about Zjohnwillz, they have been having delivery issues and disappointment. Noting that earlier, we decided a strategy for the Zjohnwillz brand to deliver services in 3-10 day timelines depending on the project.

Our value offering also includes free laundry and deliveries pending on the location and quantity. Now you can order for an outfit and get it the next week without even calling to know how the the work is going. Customers are more comfortable knowing there is little or no chance of disappointment.”

The fashion brand has truly stayed committed to excellent customer service religiously and it has paid them many good testimonials.

“A friend referred me to a banker. I took his measurements and I was ask to deliver anytime that he wouldn’t need the cloth anytime soon. The banker paid fully before I left his place. I told him I was going to deliver the following week and called him for deliveries. Went to his office and gave him his cloth.

He was so happy not just for the delivery but for a perfect Job and it was everything he wanted he introduced me to all his colleagues. Since then I have been having major deals with that bank, ” Johnwill recalls.

For customers of fashion and bespoke tailoring, Johnwill’s 5 tips come handy for one to verify a great designer:

  1. Previous works,
  2. Contact,
  3. Delivery service,
  4. Trust
  5. Specialty/Skill

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