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Creating Wealth in the Edge of Chaos

If you are not in the top 1% of your industry, you are not the best, you’re the rest. – Gary Vee

The edge of chaos is the best opportunity to increase your value, grow wealth and become the best in your industry. The edge of chaos is an abstract idea to operate in the region between order and disorder; between the known and the unknown.

The sharp bend of a MotoGP race track is a great example. The best MotoGP riders in the world increase their speed at the bend when the normal idea is to slow down. In other words, instead of slowing down, the top riders find a way to increase their speed and gain advantage.

While others fear the edge of chaos, these leading riders embrace it with an uncommon skillset. A skillset that’s feared to be practiced because of the risks involved. It’s a normal idea to slow down at a bend but not for these guys.

Are you slowing down your productivity with the lockdown or is it accelerating? Here’s 5 things you must do:

Self Improve

Personal evolution and productivity increase is the only way to truly increase value and create wealth. In other words, developing your skills and using them to increase your market value will lead to your increased value and Wealth creation. To be the best in your industry, you have to continually improve and adapt.


The history of the world is really the history of class struggles. Major defining events in history revolve around interactions between the rich (capitalists and governments) and the labour force (masses). When these interactions approach the edge of chaos, only those with the ability to learn and adapt can gain advantage.

Pyramid of Capitalist System

Combine Time with Efforts

Lock it down this lockdown. Anytime, anyplace…All it ever takes to increase productivity and create wealth is time and effort. Time is limited and one cannot have more than 24 hours any given day. Effort refers to the amount of energy you can apply at a given time. When time and effort is combined in a meaningful purpose, value/wealth is created.

Work with a Team

Success is a marathon not a sprint. Team work makes the dream work. The concept of combined efforts i.e team/organised efforts can produce even greater and far reaching results. Having a team dedicated to achieve a common purpose makes success inevitable at the edge of chaos. There’s no such thing as a great leader without a great team.

Focus on Purpose

Without purpose, life is without meaning. Purpose is what separates the best from the rest. The edge of chaos is not chaos. For those with a clear purpose, the edge of chaos presents a unique opportunity to explore their creativity. Knowing your Chief Definitive Aim, the one mission that shapes your existence, keeps you always productive. 

The future belongs to those who lead

Paschal Agonsi, April 14, 2020

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