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Principles of Sales: 7 Truths to Successful Selling

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Principles are defined as fundamental truths or propositions. Principles of Sales are therefore fundamental truths that we guide us to a better understanding of the sales process.

Sales is not only the lifeblood of every business but it’s also the heart of business. We all know when the heart stops beating, it’s means death. We don’t want our businesses to die, we need to make sure sales is pumping.

Here’s a likely remedy: Dave Crenshaw’s Principles of Success. These are 7 fundamental truths about sales.

1. Focus on the Customer

Sales or selling is about the customer and not you. This is the first and most important principles of sales. It’s easy to fall into the trap of desperation about you making the sale. The more you can focus on customers and what they want, the easier it is to make the sale. Remember, Sales is about Customers, it’s not about you or your desperation or your need to make the sale

2. Listen

If we are going to keep the focus on the customer, then we have to listen to them.Customers are always telling us what they want and need. It’s important we need to resist the temptation to talk more before we do really know more. Key to sales: listen more than you speak

3. Ask Questions

Questions are powerful tools you can use to boost your sales. You need to prepare to ask your customers a lot of questions and listen to the answers you get. It’s also important you ask questions about the answers they’re giving you. This will help you understand their wants and needs better. Key to sales: Ask questions until you are 100% sure of your client’s needs and wants.

4. Be the Anti-SalesPerson

Most sales people use pressure. We all have a stereotype image of a salesperson as someone who’s pushy and makes us uncomfortable. You don’t want to be that guy. Whatever this stereotype sales person does, do the opposite. Your customers will be surprised that you are not like that. Make it easy for clients to say yes or no. It’s a transaction not a war. Rather than be pushy, always be relaxed and calm.

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5. Time Management

The 5th principles of sales require the need to have good time management skills. Time management is sales management. This will help you follow up better on your customers and follow through on appointments and commitments both on your part and that of the customer. Having a daily/weekly/monthly planner is crucial. There are lots of resources on time management.

6. Follow up

Sales is really about people making commitments. Always follow up and follow through on whatever commitment, appointment or deliverables as agreed. Research shows that it takes at least 5 follow ups to achieve 60% of sales in a given industry. So let’s take this seriously. Key to more sales? Follow up.

7. Have Fun

“Fun is very important ooo with customers,” says Efe Clare, entrepreneur and business owner, Efclar, a fashion accessories company. In reality, Sales is occasionally about failure or rejections. We ought to know this by now. If you can use a little humor and be relaxed in the sales process, you’re going to make sales. Yes. Having a little humor will help. There’s always money in funny. A wise man once said “funny is money”

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