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Drop shipping – The Side Hustle friends and family will never know

Written by Paschal Agonsi.

“I wanted a Side hustle that didn’t require stocking up products first, had a wide margin of profits, plus something I could do low key without people knowing.” Valerie, is a Drop Shipping Expert who been making extra cash on a coded level. The CEO of Vay Business Solutions spoke to on why she stays coded on her side hustle, especially from family and friends.

“Over the years people have been picking information from me, & knowledge is the new gold , So I am monetizing my knowledge & experience. My Dropshipping pages are still low key though, no friend or family member knows the pages”, she added.

Valerie isn’t finding it difficult to sell to family and friends because of emotional attachments. The truth is she hasn’t been selling to a Nigerian market yet.

“My target countries are Italy, Germany, US. I wasn’t targeting Nigerians because of long duration of shipping from China. I just got into partnership with a Shipping company in Nigeria, So I will start targeting Nigerians, then I can sell to my village people sef.”

Interested about get starting with drop shipping and the secrets of the trade? Valerie is creating a video launching this weekend.

“I am creating a free video on @ally_wealth Instagram to show people how to get profitable niches, target countries, winning products. However, these and more secrets are all in my Top 50 Drop Shipping Niches & Countries E-book , now available for just N3,600 only.”

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