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Essential Staying at Home Tips

How’s staying at home this season? I have no doubt those staying at home are more than those at work. Sure, some must go to work o…

I read a few thoughts from Udunmi Ikoro and I thought of sharing some few things with us during this Stay-at-home and remote work period.

Here are the things you can do while at home:


Relax (take time to really do) and Meditate on the word of God: Take your take time seek the face of God in His word. You want to really know what God is saying at this time not just the noise around. You know the noise can really be so confusing if you don’t understand how God works. And how will you know if you don’t spend time studying the word?

God has giving us Word His Word as the manual for living. So anytime we are confused as human…what we just need do is to go back to God through His Word for rescue. The word you don’t know cannot rescue you.

Self Improve

Listen to podcasts/messages/inspirational speakers and inspire your mind; instead of filling your mind with bad news flying everywhere. #StaySafe by renewing your mind…

Take Online courses. There’s more than enough free and paid online platforms. I’ve actually taken more than 10 courses online and I’m still on it. Remember when you stop learning you start dying-this also means you start losing value. When value is out of the worth of a man; sure becomes worthless.

Go Social

Start building and growing your social media presence. It takes time. Yes we know, now that you have some time; why not invest it. Trust me, my online presence has done me more good than any physical one has done! Mark Otiboh of TVC called me this morning and we spoke extensively on this on how you can break some physical limits with this…

The work you put in today will add up on the long run. So do something about your perceive value because your actual value takes time to profit but your perceive value can open great doors for you. Ask John Obidi, Stephen Akintayo, David Dada, and the likes.

Update your CV / Profile

Especially if you have achieved some amazing things recently, add it to your CV or create a new one. Of course I’m gonna rewrite my profile. Lol

So what will you do from the above help I have just given? Until you take steps you have not done anything! Take action and be responsible more at the period of stay-at-home season.

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