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Fighting Hunger and Extreme Poverty

Written by Paschal Agonsi

Hunger is real in Nigeria. The Minister of State for Agriculture, Heineken Lokpobiri, stated that Nigeria imported food annually with $22 billion. Described as ‘the global poverty capital’ by Theresa May, the reality is that 80% of the Nigerian population is in extreme poverty.

To achieve zero hunger by 2030, Mukhtar Akinteye strongly agrees that an increase in productivity and quality of local food products and agricultural processing are the fundamental basics.

Nigerian farmers lament about 20-40% of the harvest is lost annually during the processing. Among the main problems include the lack of proper storage facilities, because of that, the harvest is attacked by pests and the storage conditions themselves reduce the quality of the crops.

Entrepreneur Mukhtar Akinteye established Mukhad Agro-Procssing Ventures, in his quest and determination to solve food instability in Nigeria. Mukhad Agro-Proceesing Ventures is a food Processing, packaging and distribution firm that deals in efficient processing, packaging and distribution of Catfish into value added fish products inclusive of Oven Dried Catfish, Fish Nuggets and Fish Spices.

Our products are especially targeted at providing quality, healthy and affordable fish products to the populace, thereby exponentially reducing dependence on chemically preserved and imported fish and meat products.

The nutritional quality and it’s affordability of their products are fast becoming the best customer choice in the country. Someone bought our dried catfish, took it to ondo state as a gift to his In-laws, he says they didn’t want it to finish.

Asides from providing healthy local food alternatives to customers, Mukhad Agro-Processing Ventures, is already positively impacting it’s community with trade, jobs and career opportunities. For example, the company’s synergy with other local fish farmers, ensures consistent availability of fish at an affordable price.

Fighting Hunger by 2030 requires consistent productivity growth in quality local food production. Over the next decade, private sector investment in agriculture and technology backed by low interest government funds is a great way to Achieve sustainable development goals of zero hunger and meaningful employment.

Most importantly, local production and consumption of indigenous food Companies like Mukhad, will go greater miles to deliver success in our nation building efforts. Choose Greatness.

Mukhad Product Guide
Oven Dried CatFish suitable for egusi soup.
Fish Nugget: suitable for ata dindin(stew), vegetables and as a snack.
Fish spice: used as an alternative to Maggi and suitable for indomie, spaghetti, moinmoin ET Al.




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