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Film Making Secrets with James Abinibi

James Abinibi, a Creative Graphic Designer turned Film Maker, shared some secrets at Mbari Uno’s Film Making 101 event last weekend. Here’s six secrets we couldn’t miss.

Written by Paschal Agonsi

  1. How to breakthrough the film industry

Offer more value than you are being paid for. “My success break with Kunle Afolayan was because I offered more than I was paid for. Serving is important. Offer value first. A lot of people demand, be different and offer value first. Patience is important on the rise to the top,” James Abinibi explained.

2. Top 3 film makers in the world

Speilberg, Tarantino, and Spike Lee. “Spike Lee is important to me, because more than 80% of his movies are focused on issues relating to the Black community.”

3. Nollywood Challenges:

Films are about telling stories and in Nigeria, we don’t have the budget and skillset to execute. Abinibi shares the way forward with his opinion that “Our mentality here needs to change from commercialization and making money to improving our technical skills and production expertise.”

4. How to budget for a Film

Divide your budget into 4 equal parts for actors, crew, equipment and post production. It’s that easy!

5. How to classify Nollywood Film

Low: less than 5m
Medium: less than 40m
High: 40m and above

6. Basics of Film Making:

  • Idea
  • Script
  • Budget
  • Cast and crew
  • Equipment
  • Locations
  • Filming
  • Post Production
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