Paschal Agonsi

From Gala to Riches

March 24, 2019

Do you remember the Gala hawker at Marina that distributed all his Gala to prisoners that were inside black Maria begging for food?

The man in a car behind called him and asked him who will pay for all the gala he was sharing with the prisoners and the warders?

He said “nobody”.

He said he gave them the Gala because his boss whom he worked locked him in the prison for nine months because it was time to settle him and he didn’t want to, that he did the same thing to those before him too.

He said he knew what those prisoners were going through.

The man asked him if he is that rich?

He said that he has not even paid for the gala but will use his savings to pay for it.

The man took a photo of him and posted it online.

Lots of people responded by crediting his account so that he can start his own business.

A family based in America sent 380k to him.

Today he owns his own store.

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