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Have you heard of YAS!


‘YAS!’ is a new Pan-African internet platform launching to connect, mentor, and teach young African entrepreneurs good business practices. It’s initiative seeks to encourage entrepreneurship in African Youth.

The Youth for Africa and Sustainable Development Goals (YAS!) is a movement starting in Africa to connect North and West African youth interested in business. YAS! “supports the development and growth of youth entrepreneurship in Africa,” according to the organization’s site.

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and Fortune 500 company Accenture created the organization.

YAS! intends to connect youth with businesses, mentors, and investors, all in one convenient location. The site offers youth four main pillars to accomplish their missions: learning, mentorship, financial education, and opportunities.

UNDP regional director Lamin Momodou Manneh predicts YAS! will aid in accelerating business growth in Africa. As Africa’s population grows, the business industry on the continent is also expected to grow exponentially.

Although Africa has been historically exploited for its plethora of resources, businesses have begun to invest in developing the African business environment. BMCE Bank held its 4th African Entrepreneurship Award in Casablanca this year, seeking startups from around the country to fund.

YAS! is scheduled to open today in Lagos, Nigeria. But the website will delay its public opening until the 12th to give investing businesses, mentors, and stakeholders the ability to connect and participate in introductory workshops.

YAS! is a creative new solution to bring North and West Africans into the business world, and allow businesses the chance to invest early in many of the revolutionary ideas from the region that struggled to find an audience before.

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