Paschal Agonsi

Hidden Truths about Work

Curated by Paschal Agonsi. August 11, 2022.

Work is not a curse, nor is it a punishment for sin.

Work is man’s duty.

Man is born to work as the birds are born to fly.

Work makes us share in God’s creative power.

There is no excuse for being unproductive.

Our time must bear fruit or we are nothing but foliage.

Before sin entered the world, man had duty.

Man’s duty to work is not a consequence of original sin nor is a discovery of modern times.

It is necessary to rest.

To rest is not to do nothing but it is to turn our attention to other activities that require less effort.

We shall never attain our goal if we do not strive to finish our work well, if we do not sustain the efforts we put in when we began the work.

Time is a treasure that melts away.

A hard-working person makes good use of time, for time is not only money, it is God’s Glory.

Working for God is a task many people begin but few finish.

Better is the end of a task than its beginning.

Love is proved by deeds. Love is deeds not sweet words.

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