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Homecoming and Idolatry

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The trend of people returning to their hometowns to re-establish shrines is a disadvantage both to them and the general community. A catastrophic disservice. It is a return to bondage and the chains of idolatory.

It is like building your house foundation upon a burial ground; mortgaging your existence and signing up for misery. What is a mortgage? Paying in bits but with interest added. So eventually you pay more. You pay more in terms of sorrows on earth and eternity in hell.

What is their excuse?

“Evil is growing in the land”. What a lame and a blind excuse?

When our forefathers were carried into slavery where were their protective gods?

Do you stop evil with evil? Two wrongs never make a right.

“Christianity was brought to us by the white man”.

Actually, the Ethiopian eunuch brought Christianity to the Ethiopians. Is an Ethiopian a white man? Is Ethiopia not in Africa?

Besides, Jesus is the only way to God.

There is always a battle between light and darkness. If you are one of these people, you have chosen darkness and become an agent of darkness yourself. You know this.

Why Idolaters Are To Be Pitied

These set of people are to be pitied. Their attitude is, if you can’t beat them, join them. They are compelled by insurmountable obstacles instigated by those demons.

It were better you died serving God than to compromise. It is better to hold on to God even if He does not deliver you than to switch alliance to Satan. This was Job’s disposition. Eventually, God delivered him.

You see, a sin like fornication is a sin against yourself. Murder, slander, hatred etc are sins against your fellow human beings. But when you follow other gods, you have touched God Himself. Woe unto you for challenging your Maker.

The Origin of False Gods

These demons are fallen angels who were defeated alongside Satan in heaven. These demons enter into the individuals to come and restore those shrines.

Today, you see so called educated individuals canvassing support for idols, false gods and demons. It is like the professor who is an atheist. The girl in secondary school who believes in God is far wiser than her.

Change for good.

Pastor Maxwell Orji

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