Paschal Agonsi

How Branding Affects Your Business

Branding is essential to business survival. This is largely because of its ability to shape perceptions in the mind of customers.

There are 5 stages of branding. Every brand is in one of these stages. It’s important to know what stage your brand is. This will help you plan your strategy and make better decisions.

  1. Brand Rejection/Negative Association: avoidance of your product due to negative perception or experience
  2. Brand Non-Recognition: Your brand does not enter people’s mind at decision time; lack of awareness or differentiation
  3. Brand Recognition: Your brand is recognised and is considered at decision making time
  4. Brand Preference: When given a choice in two brands, your brand is preferred by the customer because it satisfies needs and is well differentiated.
  5. Brand Loyalty: The customer chooses your brand consistently, despite other viable alternatives and occasional encounters of bad customer service.

Do you know what stage your brand is in now?

No matter what it is, you can reach more customers with

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