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How To Become A Better Speaker

Tips On How To Become A Better Speaker. Written by Paschal Agonsi

Lawyer turned Speaking Coach shares 5 tips to improve your speech skills. Ask’Yah Otonte is the founder of Dear Speaker, a fast growing Public Speaking Coaching brand in Nigeria, West Africa, which employs fun, relatable and experiential techniques to facilitate engaging, insightful and result-achieving trainings for teams and individuals.

Here some few Ask’Yah’s tips on how to become a better speaker.

Organise Your Ideas
The best way to do this, is by creating an outline for your speech. DO NOT TRY TO MEMORISE YOUR SPEECH. INSTEAD, PREPARE LITTLE NOTES. You may omit certain points but that doesn’t make your presentation any less awesome. It only makes you human which is what your audience expects.

Practice, Practice, Practice
This has to be one of my favourite words with regard to speaking. It cannot be overstated. I prefer to practice alone in front of a mirror. In rare cases, I practice with family. You could record yourself while speaking. This helps with pronunciation errors and voice tone.

For services in the areas of Voice-over acting, On Air/Off Air Presentations, Effective Communication, Human Relations & Interpersonal Skills, Employee Engagement, Negotiation Skills and Team Building, Ask’Yah is your man.

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