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I Couldn’t Afford to Stop – Cherry’s Kollect CEO shares Entrepreneurship Journey

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Damilola Ebony is positively improving women’s health and hygiene in Nigeria. Her success story is an entrepreneurship classic of self-determination, resilience and persistence. An early starter at 16, Damilola talks about her challenges and how she survived the moments when things fell apart.

“Well, I have had this idea for years but I was so scared. This is Nigeria, where one’s dreams can be yanked at any moment. I started working since I was 16, so it was a lot of working for people. A few was good and the rest either owed me money or they didn’t last.

“Just last year, I was in a stressful job and after I was done with the contract, I was angry, like so angry at everything not moving well. I was doing my best, working and school but it seems that life decided to screw with me. I tried learning how to formulate beauty products but no matter how hard I tried it turned out awful.

“Money wasted, energy spent. With the little savings I had, I angrily started the process of creating an intimate product. At first, it didn’t sink in, I just kept working on it. Calling vendors, making my research! Cried and shouted but continued because I couldn’t afford to stop.”

Disappointments are no obstacles but stepping stones for the determined. Damilola’s resilience paid off with her launch of a new product called Cherry’s Kollect. The product’s success has brought her more blessings and fame.

“I’m still trying to figure it out but let me tell you. Creating an intimate product this good, makes everything worth it. All the things I did that didn’t work (so many things), I didn’t think I could love a project this much. Something that is changing so many women’s life, still working on introducing more products that would amaze the world.”

Ebony’s not resting on her laurels. She describes herself as “very much a work in progress.” She strongly believes that “there is no such thing as overnight success even if it appears that way.

“All actions that we take has a rippling effect, so sometimes it might appear that way but if that person should tell you how they began you will be surprised. Though, one can achieve success within a short span of time, there is no grounded time for success. Everyone’s time is different. But overnight, noooo.”

Having spent over 10 years of her life working for people and starting a business in the very competitive women’s health industry, Damilola has 3 tips for Young Entrepreneurs finding their way:

  1. Don’t ever feel entitled that someone has to patronize you, especially people you know. Create awareness for the Public not friends.
  2. You will make mistakes. Forgive your self and don’t be discouraged.
  3. There is always room for improvement. Research, learn, and be amazing. Inspire yourself because there will be times it will be overwhelming. You need fuel to move.

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