Paschal Agonsi

Ibukun: It’s not our culture

“It’s not our culture
That women should dress indecently”
Some African tribes go nude till recently
People should decide what they wear independently

“It’s not our culture
That women should not want to marry”
Just tell us you need an event so you can merry
Just tell us you want a fortune out of the dowry

“It’s not our culture
That women should sell their bodies for money”
Patriarchy, not sex work, should be your agony
And the poverty colonisation brought to accompany

“It’s not our culture
That women should love women and have sex”
Our race have always had varied sexual specs
Every race, from Native Indians to the Aztecs

“It’s not our culture
That a woman should not want to bear a child”
But children you can’t feed end up in the wild
Jungle animals whose lives poverty styled

“It’s not our culture
That a woman should love more than one man”
Yet you do not say the same for the man
Just tell us unequal treatment is your plan


African culture is not inhumane
We’ll keep saying that again and again
African Culture is not one and the same
It varies across time and space
It is not a culture of oppression and pain
Of unjust gender roles where men stand to gain
We’re equal, we’re just differently trained
And that conditioning has gotten ingrained
If you think physical differences makes women inferior
Then maybe a black skin has made Africans inferior
But then, who judges a book by its exterior
If they do not have vain motives ulterior.

Omole Ibukun

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