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Improving Marketing ROI with Emotional Branding

Improving Marketing ROI with Emotional Branding
Written by Paschal Agonsi

Marketing is all about building and maintaining relationships with customers. According to Wikipedia, “Marketing is the study and management of exchange relationships. It is the business process of creating relationships with and satisfying customers. Because marketing is used to attract customers, it is one of the primary components of business management and commerce.”

It’s often said that people buy for emotional reasons and justify thereafter with logic. How a business adopts Emotional Branding in its marketing communications could really determine their sales and bottom line effect.
Racheal, founder of Startup Biz Empire, talked to about emotional branding and why is it important for anyone to go for it.

The Startup Biz Empire CEO explained that “Emotional branding is building a brand’s voice to appeal directly to a consumer’s emotional state, needs and aspirations. Emotional branding is important because in this space, you are not just being ‘sellzy ‘ but rather you are finding a much better way to connect to your audience by making them see how that product can solve and particular problem for them instead of just saying ‘come and buy ‘ even you can tell who would cash out more.”

Rachel’s viewpoint can be validated with the principle of product differentiation which implies distinguishing a product or service from others, to make it more attractive to a particular target market. This involves differentiating it from competitors’ products as well as a firm’s own products.

There are risk and dangers involved for businesses who haven’t yet subscribed to the idea of emotional branding. Rachel says “the risk is simple and straight forward. You will never be able to actually give value to your audience and you will never know that Emotional branding is a big marketing strategy that has worked for many brands because you have stereotyped your mind and ability to be like every other vendor on any social platform.”

With her Startup Biz Empire, Rachel is already reaching out to Entrepreneurs and offering valuable coaching. “Some weeks ago, I got couple of voice notes from ‘friends of a friend’ that came through referrals pleading with me to actually make this series I am doing on IG to be a real actual online course (more like a webinar) so I can be more vast. Since they know I might not be all detailed on IG!”

“One of them said ‘ please Racheal I will need your help with this branding of a thing o’. And through this, I got a client from a meeting who has agreed for me to be are online manager for her online business! So you see! I sell out value not just product!”

“My business makes a difference because we don’t just sell out our brand, we give out value and relevance. My clients enjoy when I run webinars especially on issues that pertains startpreneurs and their businesses. I started my business because I love to help people out with whatever difficulties they are facing..Be it career,business and academics.”

Speaking on her best customer’s experience, Rachel shares a story of when she published her first book on ‘ RUN IG ADS LIKE A PRO’. “The turn up was awesome and people were super grateful because it helped them run ads the right way.”

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