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Lack of Originality, Emotional Intelligence Destroys Communication

Lack of Originality, Emotional Intelligence Destroys Communication. Written by Paschal Agonsi

Gloria Edukere helps improve people and relationships with her signature emotional branding program. She just recently started a personal blog and took time to share her Entrepreneurial journey with us as well as 5 tips to become a better communicator.

“Growing up, I developed interest in a lot of things- fashion, cooking, writing, reading, translation, music, acting and much more. Truth is, I just fell in love with art.

“I studied French language in the University and in as much as I work in an NGO, I’m not limited to maximizing my true potentials, chasing my passion, building capacity and treading the path to find fulfilment in putting my skills and gift to work.

In the last decade, I’ve had business ideas I want to develop and push out someday. However, I have never stopped writing and reading- which grew from a hobby to a skill and yes!, I make money from writing articles, stories, content and managing social media accounts of people and companies. It’s not been a smooth sail on a daily, but sharpening my skills and building capacity, while doing the one thing I’m passionate about has made it easier to stay on track.

This decade, I’m taking it personally to put myself and skills out there. I created a website I make blog posts on- even if it’s still in process.
Also, I have kick started a personal blog on Instagram where I make triple-daily posts. Follow: @scrambledstory on IG.

Nothing good ever comes easy, but through discipline, diligence and determination; more wins are made available.

The society today makes it easy and at the same time difficult for people to communicate and with the implant of emotional intelligence, people have a lot more to hide than reveal. People need people who understand them and can communicate their feelings with responses accordingly. My blog- Scrambled Story- is a platform that helps communicate with people through words, to create a link between their problem and my solutions.

Currently, my challenges are creating a large social media following because I just ventured into the entrepreneurial market, but I’ll give it time and hard work.

People always get excited when someone shares in their problem and provides a solution. I’m excited when my readers are excited and inspired to be the best version of themselves.”

When asked if there’s a serious problem with communication in today’s society, Gloria responds that “communication in today’s society has been abridged and it’s not mutual anymore.” She however shares 5 tips for anyone to become a better communicator:

1) Read a lot. Read articles, white pages, books, newsletters, autobiographies and so much more. It’ll help anybody get knowledgeable and stay confident.

2) Fall in love with writing.

3) Develop presentation skills.

4) Travel when you can; if you can and to where you can. Simply, get exposed!

5) Socialize! Interact with people from different works of life and above all, be yourself and don’t fake it.

Gloria Edukere wants to make a difference in today’s communication issues. If we don’t make a change now, the future of communication will be a robotic one. This will lead to more people to depression, suicidal thoughts, low self-esteem and we’ll unconsciously build a world with so much pretence, lies, and lack of originality.

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