Paschal Agonsi

The Challenge of Life

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Here’s the big challenge of life: ‘You can have more than you got because you can become more than you are. But unless you change who you are, you will always have what you got” – Jim Rohn

The challenge of life is to become wiser, stronger and better. Many wish for better times and riches but they fail to understand that for things to change, they have to change.

Life has always been pretty much the same. Night comes after day, difficulty after opportunity, recession after progression, rainy season after dry season, hard times after good times and so on.

Pocarti Digital Active Plan
Pocarti Digital Active Plan

It’s not going to change. We can only learn to handle it by becoming wiser, stronger and better. Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better.

Remember, Knowledge is not power. It’s potential energy and like a light switch, you have to turn it on. Knowledge not invested is wasted. Ideas without action leads to delusion.

Cheers to another day to become wiser, stronger and better versions of ourselves.





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