Paschal Agonsi

Out of school due to ASUU strike?

Instead of Netflixing and vibing, please look around for an organization within walking distance.

Go there, introduce yourself and tell them you want to volunteer as a worker without any pay, some will accept you with some stipend and some without anything at all.

Get enrolled and get to work and learning.

When the strike is called off, leave and go back to school.

During vacation go back again and continue.

There are hospitals, schools, NGOs and even government offices that will need you.

All these experiences are what will accumulate to form your working experience on your CV the very year you enter the labour market.

You wonder why a fresh graduate will be asked for a 2 years working experience?

It’s because the years of experience from volunteering, internship and Industrial Training (IT) will form the required experience.

You also get connections, possible retention, leadership training and insights and grooming from this.

The reason you don’t see it is because everything for you is about money.

You already stay in your parent’s house, you eat their food, get allowance for clothes.

Work for free now to earn yours tomorrow.

Sometimes, you work not because of money but because of opportunities it brings, people it connects you to and the enlightenment it brings.

A word is enough for the wise.

Watch you sow, you shall reap.


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