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Overcoming the Fear of Selling

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The fear of selling is really the fear of rejection or criticism. Many people feel tense, bad, insulted when a customer turns them down. The rejection affects their overall confidence and makes them react negatively to future events that require selling.

That’s why many people hate to sell. You’ll often hear people say they can’t do marketing or sales job. This is quite sad because the truth is that each of us succeeds to the extent of our ability to sell.

In other words, Knowing how to sell is related to our ability to achieve success. Selling is another word for persuading. We have to persuade others to get what we desire.

Persuading our families on the right direction to follow on issues is a form of sales. Persuading our employers that we can do the best work is also another. Persuading customers that we have the best solutions to their problems and needs is also sales in it simplistic form.

We can overcome the fear of selling by boosting our sales confidence.

According to Brain Tracy, we gain confidence by suggestion and lose confidence by suggestion.

There are 3 forms of suggestions that can determine how you feel about yourself and how you think.

Learn more about these forms of suggestions here





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