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Refferal Marketing: Lawyer turned Speaking Coach is Conquering New Ground

Nothing beats refferal marketing. Lawyer turned Speaking coach is conquering new ground. Written by Paschal Agonsi

Dear Speaker is a fast growing Public Speaking Coaching brand in Nigeria, West Africa, which employs fun, relatable and experiential techniques to facilitate engaging, insightful and result-achieving trainings for teams and individuals. Ask’Yah Otonte, a former lawyer and present CEO, shares how referral marketing is growing his new found business.

“Our business was referred to a lady living in Douala, Cameroon by a customer in Nigeria. Her training session began yesterday and we’re off to a great start. Nothing beats referrals!”

“It was really a big deal for me because you know you’re doing something right when people start doing free advertising for you.”

Why they choose us

“There are several things I believe customers and clients alike appreciate but I’ll have to go with Accessibility, Competence and Delivery.”

“It’s easy to talk a big game but hard to back it up these days. My clients yearn for a congenial atmosphere where they are free to express themselves without ridicule or fear of being imperfect. I give that to them and more.

“The modules we work with are flexible due to the client’s availability but the results are effective.

The Brand Story
“However, I had always had a love for public speaking and I knew that so many people dreaded it like I did so many years ago.

I desired to reach out to those individuals especially the introverts. Those who had been tagged shy or nervous. I needed to share my personal journey of walking through the fear of Public Speaking with them.”

So in 2017, we began. I went under the pupilage of Joyce Daniels, a Public Speaking pioneer in Nigeria and Senior Trainer at Dale Carnegie. At that point we didn’t refer to ourselves as a business, we were merely just doing what we love. Now, we know better.

Through the years, we’ve been able to share with over a thousand individuals and about two hundred have gone through either online or offline trainings with Certifications.

For services in the areas of Voice-over acting, On Air/Off Air Presentations, Effective Communication, Human Relations & Interpersonal Skills, Employee Engagement, Negotiation Skills and Team Building, Ask’Yah is your man.

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