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Scared of Buying Land in Lagos? Here’s 5 Tips to Safeguard Investment

Land in Lagos

Don’t be a JJC! A lack of knowledge about buying land has made many people lose their hard-earned money/capital. The fear of land issues and scams is real. FAE Concepts, a real estate company, shares with Paschal Agonsi, 5 tips to safeguard your land investment in Lagos.

  1. Don’t buy land from Omonile,
  2. Always ensure you buy land from property companies that offer serviced estates
  3. Check all title documents with the LASG ministry of land to ensure there are no issues. FAE Concepts offers this service for its land products and clients
  4. Do your research and shop around for the best deals and also research on the area you are interested in buying land. This helps to project the return on investment for the property
  5. Good research on the area also helps the client decide on what they want to do with the land I.e. buy and build or keep the land and wait for it to appreciate so they can sell later or do a joint venture with a property developer. A classic example is the Eleranigbe area of Ibeju Lekki where the new Lekki international airport and Pan African University is located. It’s a good area to buy land and build executive apartments that can be used as hostels for students or even hotels

Since 2013, FAE Concepts has been very active in the Lagos real estate industry. They have very good knowledge of the Lekki, V.I. and Ibeju Lekki axis where most of the land properties are located.

The firm differentiates itself from the fierce industry competition by offering financial advice to clients. “At FAE concepts, we strategically identify real estate properties with decent return on investment for our clients. We also source for properties that offer clients very flexible payment options.

“We focus on properties within gated serviced estates with comprehensive infrastructure and help our clients avoid Omonile land issues” says the CEO of FAE Concepts, who’s favourite success story in the Real Estate Industry would be the story of the chairman of PWAN group, Mr Marc Onwumere.

“As at 2012 when he started the company, he couldn’t even pay rent for where he was living with his family. It’s amazing how with hard work and dedication, he is now the owner of a multi-billion dollar corporation.”

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