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Sele Fashion: Affordable Luxury Nigerian Fashion Brand

The Affordable Luxury Nigerian Fashion brand. Written by Paschal Agonsi

An ‘affordable luxury’ is certainly an oxymoron and it’s no false truth for the exciting new Nigerian Fashion brand, Sèle Fashion. Established by Nestor Eromosele, a model, fashion designer, stylist, accessories creator and personal shopper, Sele Fashion is the next big thing. talked to the young and charismatic Entrepreneur, Nestor, who shared his brand story with us.

“I really love fashion and the freedom it gave me to express myself was interesting, so I went ahead to learn tailoring. This was also influenced by my desire to clothe my parents. I always felt like my mom dressed less than she should because she wants to make her children look better. This had been my inspiration as a fashion designer.”

“Selling and creating other accessories like necklaces and bracelets is another thing that came by, just watching a friend make something and I started doing same unconsciously and it’s been great for me.”

Sele Fashion, forged from the last four letters in ‘Eromosele’, is already penetrating into the ready-to-wear market. Nestor talks about retailing other brands and looking to create their signature range of fashion products in the near future.

“Another part of my business is selling what I don’t make yet, emphasis on the YET. I might eventually settle down to make things like corporate shirts with collar, T shirts and all. I said that to say this… I sell and produce affordable luxury, while I look up to other brands that inspire me. I want the people around me to feel my impact by being able to buy what I sell and create.”

“For many customers, affordability of quality fashion items is a problem due to the state of the local economy. Sele Fashion products and services help in this regard.”

Speaking about his challenges in business, Nestor was quick to reflect on how his education and economy are playing a major role in his quest to create affordable luxury fashion for the Nigerian market. Like a true Entrepreneur, he maintains a high internal locus of control.

“The only challenge I’m facing is me. I can’t focus on doing all I want right now because I delayed a very important thing to do which was going to school. Now, having to work other jobs including selling my products and services right isn’t really easy.”

Sele Fashion is delighting customers who are already owning the brand. “My best testimonial will be: ‘You make things easy Nestor. You provide us affordable luxury.’ Someone literally said that to me. And since then, AFFORDABLE LUXURY stuck to me.”

Check out @Sele_Fashion on Instagram and explore their amazing collection.

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