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South African Startup, Growify, is helping African entrepreneurs scale

South African Startup, Growify, is helping African entrepreneurs scale their businesses. Written by Paschal Agonsi

Growify is a new age digital marketing and consulting agency that aims to reach upcoming entrepreneurs and assisting them with early stages of e-developing their business, scaling their businesses and ongoing business development.

Growify’s main purpose is to profile start-up businesses through business development research and assist them by doing all the necessary background work in order to ensure that the business is ready to take on the market at large. This will be achieved by conducting a market analysis, SWOT analysis, business monitoring, business audit scalability, social media audit analysis and sales funnel audit (sales improvement audit –a report that outlines exactly where sales need to improve).

CEO, Mr Sibusiso, talks about the four main focuses of the business which include: business development strategy, marketing plan, effective sales programme, client relationship and communication. “In these areas of the business we conduct an ideal business analysis where we take into consideration the core areas of the business that may hinder the business from achieving their set goals of which they are their title, location, frustrations, their desires and barriers they are facing.”

Growify Entrepreneurs

“The business is also collaboration driven where in this instance we focus on partnership, lead forwarding, client referral, business exchange networking and we encourage entrepreneurs to invest in their businesses by investing in bookkeeping services, coaching programs, advisory services, bank deposits, investment opportunities, shares, equities and more.”

Growify seeks to enhance the productivity of business development strategy, marketing plan, effective sales programme, client relationship and communication in South Africa and Beyond. We know that marketing, sales and client relationships must work together to generate business leads, optimize close rates and generate cash for the business a clear and concise strategy a detailed marketing plan an effective sales programme focused client relationships and communication channels

The South African startup is already making a difference.  Customers are already expressing confidence and enjoying great business relationships amongst others. Sibusiso says “We make connecting easy. The relationship they have with us – We make it personal.  Amy Mazibuko, a Growify client, shares her experience with the startup brand. “My biggest win from Growify was understanding how to create a business that is custom-tailored for me and allows me to work in my genius zone and reach the people who need my help the most.”

Growify Entrepreneurs

Values mean a lot to us and our clients. We focused on distinction in our own work and the work of others, especially those we serve.  Knowledge and Understanding in service delivery and research work is also key in all we do. Our Commitment with our clients and partners, nationally and internationally is of utmost important as well as achieving excellence in what we do.

Growify is targeting small medium enterprises, start-up businesses, to help them  enhance market analysis in detail,  enhance market segment analysis,  improve business sales , increase business , exposure, accelerate business network, develop strategic positioning and enhance brand positioning.

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