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Success Acronyms: AA BB CC DD

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We have some funny acronyms this week on our Success Acronyms. Success Acronyms makes great concepts and ideas easy to recall and apply. Here’s our list for the week.   

  • AA – Above Average
  • BB – Buyer Behaviour
  • CC – Compelling Content
  • DD – Dynamic Delivery

Above Average

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Dan Lok will say business isn’t for everyone, especially if you’re broke.  Business isn’t for anyone looking to get rich overnight.  Business Success isn’t anything like luck or lottery.

Rather, business success is only for those committed to offer above average products and services to the customer. That you’re ready to offer better products and services than the average competitor sets you for business success.  Never forget AA. it’s a simple guide to Business Success.

BB – Buyer Behaviour

Customers and Shoppers at Shoprite Supermarket

Understanding buyer behaviour is key.  This is such a huge concept that’s very key to your business success.  This is important because understanding what makes customers buy your products, gives you a great advantage to achieve business success.

There’s 5 stages of buyer behavior:

  1. Problem recognition
  2. Information search
  3. Evaluation of alternatives
  4. 4 purchase decision
  5. 5 post purchase behaviour

CC – Compelling Content

How your content marketing makes people feel is important for business success

Content Marketing is a hot trend in today’s business environment. CC  or compelling content is a great way to remind us of a very important determinant of our business success.  What do we mean by compelling content?

COMPELLING CONTENT IS PURPOSE-DRIVEN. It gets your buyer (or any intended audience) to take action. I recommend further Reading on compelling content:

To compel, means to force. Your content must force the buyer to believe you offer an above average service.  Your content has to compel the buyer to make a purchase decision after evaluating other alternatives to your product/service.

DD – Dynamic Delivery

It’s now what you do but how you do it.

By dynamic delivery, we refer directly to customer satisfaction. We agree that production ends with the customer.  Dynamic delivery influences positive post purchase customer behavior.

We can have a great product idea but how it’s delivered counts a lot if we’re going to get repeat sales and wonderful testimonials.  A lot of customers experience very awful after-purchase encounters.  For us to achieve continued business success, how we deliver our service is invariably a major factor


In summary, Business Success requires hard work and dedication but the effects are great for those committed to:

  • AA – offering Above Average customer experience
  • BB – understanding Buyer Behaviour
  • CC – creating Compelling Content
  • DD – using Dynamic Delivery to consolidate success




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