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The Best Marketing Strategy Ever

There’s just one simple marketing strategy, you can use to grow your business even if you have zero budget. It’s so simple that all it takes is a four letter word. It’s not love. It’s not easy. It’s…Care.

We understand that the basics of business is to offer solutions to people’s problems in exchange for money. If we’re really solving people’s problems, it has to be because we really care.

The best marketing strategy is to care. It’s about people. Treat people like you want to be treated and you’ll have a successful and sustainable business!

There’s a reason why brands have a Customer care department. Clients don’t really care how much you know. They care how much you care.

Showing customers you care is the best competitive advantage. Why? Your competition isn’t bothered about giving customers excellent care. This alone can be your business unique selling point.

Why should you even care for your customers?

Caring & empathising builds an emotion connection & gives customers a sense of comfort. It develops reciprocity. Even a simple question like “How are you”, once in a while, shows Care.

Offering Better and Effective Products Shows Care

By genuinely offering quality products and solutions and also ensuring its proper use by the customer, a business automatically develops a powerful marketing tool.

A colleague once told me how disappointed he was when discovering his first time ever online shopping experience went bad and the customer service wasn’t very helpful. He was determined to destroy the company’s name. Their lack of care not only lost them a customer, but brought them unnecessary rivalry.

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Some people believe that you can’t possibly care for all customers especially the negative ones.

Sometimes, when trying to care for customers, by responding to their queries on whatever medium they post, most of them try to take it on the other side. I personally had a phone conversation with a prospect who didn’t like me sounding happy. True story.

The truth is that there’s really negative people out there. Here’s how an entrepreneur deals with them.

“Every time I come across a negative person, close-minded or excuse seeker I want to scream and run away and quit. But than I take a deep breath and I remember I’m in control of my emotions and I won’t allow 1 person to dictate my level of impact and success in the society. There are so many people out there praying for an opportunity, for understanding, for love, for empathy. I encourage everyone to stop creating doubt in their mind and start believing more in the good of people, in their potential and in their impact of love and care for others.”

An entrepreneur’s way of dealing with negative people

Summary/Key Points

The truth is People don’t buy products anymore, they buy the human behind the product. So if you come at your clients with an act of care for them, you are well ahead of the game.

The best strategy is good customer relations on a regular basis. In addition, it is easier and cheaper to sell to satisfied customers than to constantly acquire new ones.

Caring is the best strategy out there because you are not selling the product, you are really selling yourself. And when you sell yourself, they will always remember you. So do it with care to be always remembered.

Finally, incase you are from outer space and wondering what does care mean, here we go: Communication + Action + Relationship + Encouragement ==CARE

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