Paschal Agonsi

The Bitter Truths of Life (Part 1)

Nothing humbles a pretty girl more than not being desired by a guy whose girlfriend is unattractive.

The rich use most of their money to get richer. The poor use most of their money to look richer.

Being in a rush all the time is the mother of being anxious all the time.

Due to lack of self-confidence, most people bite off way less than they can chew!

Evolution transformed us from being hunters and gatherers into hunters and gatherers of pieces of paper: money, diplomas, birth certificates, etc.

School is a factory where raw materials labeled “students” are churned out into products called “employees.”

The fact that Kanye West has a popular shoe priced at $300 proves “we know the price of everything and the value of nothing.”

Friends are like crutches: you’ll never know their true value until you need help getting back on your feet.

Familiarity is the mother of disrespect!

Whether it’s “God” or “money” or “spouse”—you daily worship something!

Most women determine a man’s value based on his salary. Hence the question: “How much is he worth?”

You can’t learn much from someone you agree with all the time.

Greed is to ambition what wolf is to sheep’s clothing.

The key to influencing people boils down to understanding humans only tune in to the radio frequency called W.I.I.F.M—aka What’s In It For Me.

For our ancestors, work revolved around life. For us today, life revolves around work.

Women don’t care so much about getting old as do we care about looking old.

“Vacations are for people who don’t like their jobs.” —Madonna

When a girl’s parents ask a guy what he does for a living, in reality they’re asking: “Will you be able to supply my daughter with food, shelter, etc.?”

It’s no accident there’s only two things we can do for eight hours straight: work & sleep. Clearly, we were designed to labor & rest.

Last but not least: you might as well be yourself, because everyone else is already taken!

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