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The BookList: Workplace Essentials by Elda Kehinde Samuel

Eccentric Youth Leader Elda David’s latest ebook, Workplace Essentials, is manual helping professionals achieve success. Workplace Essentials was specially written for Early Stage Career Professionals (Less than TWO years Work Experience)

Fresh Graduates

Corp Members

Members of the Undergrad Community

Unemployed Graduates


This is an e-BOOK that can help you Build Intentionally as you prepare yourself for the Larger World of World.

Applying the principles EldaDavid shares in this new e-BOOK has seen many of his proteges and mentees land jobs in National, Multinational and Local Organizations across every sector and sphere of Human Endeavour.

The book, ‘Workplace Essentials’ (An Experencia! Guide to Preparing for the World of Work), a 60 pages e-BOOK, was launched on December 23, 2019.

According to the author “The PRINCIPLES here are UNIVERSAL and can be APPLIED anywhere in the WORLD…”

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