Paschal Agonsi

The Mind of a Warrior

January 5, 2020

The Mind of a warrior

He looks strong, brute and ready for war. Hard years in training. Scars that show death claws.

If he smiles, can we wonder what would be on his mind? Will he consumed with the fear of the enemy, of injuries or about getting hurt? Will be drenched with the fear of being captured, tortured or disgraced?

These are possibilities. All these things are logical conclusions considering the odds of the task at hand. These are certain things that would happen to the already dead man.

The mind of a warrior never thinks like that. He is strong, brute and ready for war. If he smiles, it’s sure to be the smell and taste of the roast chicken he’s going to have for dinner as he tells tales of his conquests.

Surely, the Lord is with him. He is a winner always. There are no logical possibilities that he sees.

No limits. No boundaries. It’s a straight forward victory with lazer sharp focus.

You can bet he won’t miss. You can be sure that his Father Never Fails.

Do you cherish the mind of a warrior?

Do you have a task at hand that you must fulfil?

Does the fear of the unknown grip you?

You can always stay at home and hear the tales.

I’ll pen them always. Trust me I will.

Don P.

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