Paschal Agonsi

The Price of the Idle Mind

January 5, 2020

The idle mind is the devil’s workshop. I didn’t understand that. I was always in motion, doing things, getting lost in my world.

If you say work, you know I got the time cause I’m enjoying myself all the way. Got music always going in the background to keep the mind extra busy. Oh, it’s audio tapes sometimes. Podcasts and knowledge from all angles.

Such a busy guy all the time. The moment you say chill. The idle mind creeps in.

You start thinking. Pondering. Wondering and worrying set in. All types of suggestions rise like smoke.

You now suddenly have time for people that don’t really matter. You now have to deal with priorities that weren’t priorities.

Do we really need to create time for distractions?

Do we really need to give attention to things that do not fulfil our purpose?

Do we really have an idle mind?

You gotta keep paying the FEES to keep the Idle Mind away.


Family. Eat. Enterprise. Sleep.

The Good Book says: ‘pray without ceasing.’

I picked up ‘to work is to pray and ‘to sing is to pray twice’ somewhere during my formative years.

Working and joyful singing is a vivid description of someone who is alive and in good cheer.

You know you’re in the zone and all you see are possibilities.

I’ll pen them always. Trust me I will.

Don P.

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