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Tolulope Makinde’s Epignosis of Money

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Tolulope Makinde’s Epignosis of Money reveals deep secrets about wealth creation that has been hidden from everyday knowledge. It’s a 72page read that reveals financial wisdom and principles for lasting and sustainable wealth creation.

The Epignosis of Money contains the full knowledge about wealth creation and it’s a master plan for anyone who desires financial success and freedom.

Here’s our favourite Quotes/Excerpts from Tolulope Makinde’s Epignosis of Money.

Wealth is not made desperately; wealth is made deliberately. Success doesn’t come by chance; you have to take deliberate action to achieve it.

Wealth creation is achieved through financial discipline and not instant gratification. The mentality you have about money and riches determines what you do with them when you have them.

The mentality of financial discipline over instant gratification is what makes the rich become richer.

The rich are looking for problems to solve to make money and get richer. You are rewarded in cash or in kind for every problem you solve. The number of problems you can solve determines how rich you will become. Become a problem solver and you will become richer.

Wealth creation is exchange of value for money. If you spend, you are converting money to value, and if you earn, you are converting value to money.

People who value intangible resources will always be richer than the people who value tangible or material resources, because real money is not seen, it is intangible.

Nobody has an excuse to remain poor because if you don’t have knowledge, experience or skill, you’ve got energy and time.

True money is hidden in problems and people. Money comes from solving problem, but you have to look for a problem that is in line with your passion and potential to solve in order to become rich.

A successful rich man is one who has the knowledge, skills and expertise that can bring him success or riches.

If you are not growing to be meaningful then you are dying to be meaningless.

Money only comes to people who are already rich in knowledge of the laws of money, those who know and abide by its laws.

The rich are rich not by luck, but because there are some things they do daily, weekly or regularly that brings the money. Shallow men think of luck but great men think of cause and effect

If you desire to acquire money, ask yourself, what do I have to pay that is equivalent to the money I wish to acquire?

Money only comes to those that have product and service to render. If you sit at home doing nothing, poverty will fall upon you like an armed man. You reap what you sow; if you sow richly, you will reap richly and vice versa.

Rich people starve their problems to feed their opportunities while poor people starve their opportunities to feed their problem. Any problem that cannot wait for your money to multiply is not your problem.

You must enjoy watching things grow. Do not be too hasty to see result.

The mistake many young people do when they are privileged to meet with the rich and successful people is that they ask them for money instead of asking for the secret behind their wealth, like what they are doing differently that others are not doing. Asking for money is like begging for a fish when you can ask to be taught how to fish.

Money does not come because someone is good or lucky. It comes to those who know and apply the principles of money. Money comes by cultivating your land and producing goods and services. If you keep praying and you don’t have any good or service to offer you will be poor like a church rat.

The secret to financial prosperity or poverty alleviation is the acquisition and application of knowledge of wealth and prosperity.

Develop yourself not just to be the best in what you do but to be the only one that can do what you do in your society.

Character is built upon the foundational commitment of love, honesty and compassion for others. The rich are getting richer because of their good character.

Before you can have money in form of cash, you must have the other forms of money. It is only a thief or criminal that will have money in form of cash without credibility, credible relationships, character and competence.

No man has an excuse to be poor because you have all it takes to make money and become rich.

About the Author:
Tolulope Makinde is a dynamic writer, an author, a passionate teacher and a young social entrepreneur. He is also a certified caregiver and graduate of B.Sc. Microbiology from University of Ilorin, a graduate member of Nigerian Institute of Management (Chartered), and an associate member of Institute of Customer Relationship Management (ICRM). He has experience in NonProfit Administration, Program and Organization Management.

Tolulope Makinde’s Epignosis of Money is now available on Amazon. Click here to visit his personal website and connect with him.





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