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Typical 7 Course Meal of a Lagos Mosquito

A Typical 7 Course Meal of a Lagos Mosquito written by Paschal Agonsi

Mosquitoes love food. Lagos mosquitoes are more serious about food. POCARTI got talking with one and he shares a typical 7 course meal of an average mosquito:

  1. Spag and beef stew
  2. Fried rice and chicken
  3. Jollof rice and meat
  4. Noodles and sausage
  5. Rice and stew
  6. Yam And egg
  7. Pan cake and egg
Lagos Mosquito at an event.

Here’s Lagos Mosquito, an upcoming brand influencer with a unique selling point. He uses a comic approach to influence brand marketing and sales. Positively influenced by Tomike, he has a great charisma to go with.

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