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Poetic Justice and the Unknown Gunmen


Unknown Gunmen continue to threaten and destroy lives and properties in shocking and unprecedented fashion as in the case of South East Nigeria, April 2021. Fr. Godswill pens a historical narrative of the evolution of the ‘Unknown Gunmen’ and how this is really poetic justice.

Unknown gunmen.
We know who they are.

They were born two to three decades ago in horrible maternity homes. Some of them lost their mothers because of poor medical care. They just learnt that someone stole the money budgeted for the building of good hospitals.

Unknown gunmen.
We visited some of them in primary and secondary schools.

They were learning under the tree. Some of them used blocks as desks. But some were lucky to learn in uncompleted and delapidated buildings. I think that they did not learn right because someone stole the money budgeted for good schools.

Unknown gunmen.
We saw them recently in the university.

They were living in horrible hostels. The ones I met were 12 in a room. They had no good toilets and I ran into girls showering outside. It was that day that the strike began. They could not graduate because someone stole the money budgeted for good quality university education.

Unknown gunmen.
We know that they are broke.

They’ve been jobless for sometime now. Many of them are graduates that can’t find jobs after years in the university. They got tired begging for money and being called lazy youths. They just became the devil’s workshop because someone stole the money that should have been used to create jobs for them and keep them busy.

Unknown gunmen.
We saw them on social media recently.

They’ve been complaining on Twitter and FB about police brutality. Some of them said that they were beaten by SARS just because of their hairstyles. Others said that SARS locked them up for carrying laptops. They seem really angry because they were shot at for protesting police brutality recently. They feel neglected, exploited and taken for granted by their leaders

Unknown gunmen.
We know them.

They are the angry youths rendered jobless, poor and hungry by corrupt politicians. They said that they’ve complained enough and have decided to pull the trigger.

  • Fr. Godswill Agbagwa (FrG).

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