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Urban Farming: How to Generate Wealth and Employment

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The idea of farming often paints a picture of large plantations in remote villages, far from urban cities. The idea of urban farming is an agriculture business model embraced by innovative minds.

Wikipedia defines Urban agriculture, urban farming, or urban gardening as the practice of cultivating, processing, and distributing food in or around urban areas.

Agric business expert, Affoh Joseph, shares some insights about urban farming, its benefits and how it can generate wealth and create jobs and employment for many youths in urban settlements like Lagos.

“There are numerous opportunities embedded in urban farming that have the ability to provide wealth and jobs. Urban farming offers a very lengthy value chain that, if adequately explored, will benefit many people, particularly the unemployed, as they can be gainfully employed in various locations along the value chain.

Affoh Joseph, Agriculture Business Expert

For example, if you establish an urban farm for the production of fruity and leafy vegetables, you will have automatically established a system that will make you more money while also keeping others in business.

Vegetables can be delivered to homes and offices by mobile (freelance) vegetable sellers. This is a more efficient method of selling your crops. All you have to do is post an ad looking for people who are interested in picking up vegetables from your farm and delivering them to people’s houses.

This is an excellent way to create jobs while also accumulating wealth for yourself. People can run this business from home, even if they don’t visit your farm, thanks to advances in technology. They will also create new jobs by enlisting the help of individuals who are interested in the delivery component. They place their orders from your farm online, and dispatchers pick them up and deliver them.

Many people are still unaware of the possibility of urban gardening. You have a space in your city residence that you are not using, but you are paying to keep it that way. Why not turn it into a city farm?

You will end up producing an additional source of income as well as employment for others.”

Are you interested in establishing an urban farm, or do you know anyone who has a place in his/her home and would want to establish an urban farm to grow crops such as tomatoes, kale, sweet pepper, yellow pepper, green pepper, spring onions, lettuce, cucumbers, and so on? Contact Affoh Joseph for more information

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