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Before You Wake Up from Break Up

If your spouse is used to pressing the toothpaste from the middle, press your own from the bottom, it will balance. This shouldn’t cause a breakup.

If your spouse is used to leaving the toilet seat up, close it or put it down, it shouldn’t cause problem.

If your spouse fart while you’re eating, carry your food and go elsewhere. This shouldn’t cause brouhaha.

If your spouse snores, so noisily you can’t sleep, carry your pillow and go spend the night in the guest room, that should be after the show sha. And besides, snoring is treatable. It can also be controlled. All you need do is see a doctor. This shouldn’t cause a breakup.

If your spouse has a bad breath, otherwise known as mouth odour, book an appointment with a dentist. It can be treated. Sometimes it is negligence that causes bad breath. Or a bad oral hygiene. Bad breath is treatable. It shouldn’t cause divorce.

If your spouse has body odour, its treatable. He/she needs to be more hygienic. Invest in good body spray and roll on, (not anti perspirant) if it’s a man, bath well and use perfume or deodorant. If it’s a woman, it’s only when going out that you can’t use perfume. ‘Bastadise your housewears with perfume. Increase your hygiene. Bath two or three times a day. Bath especially before bed time. Body odour shouldn’t cause wahala. Something that has a cure is already solved.

If your spouse cannot cook or can’t cook to your taste, enrol her in culinary class. If you can, you can teach her. Food/cooking shouldn’t cause breakup.

If your spouse is lazy or lethargic with house chores, if you can, get modern gadgets to ease her task. Gone are the days when a woman’s wifeliness is in her physical strength. Stress can easily wear a woman out and make her look twice her age.

If your spouse is mannerless, correct him/her with love and patience. It’s hard to live with a mannerless person but marriage is not a bed of Roses.

If your spouse is temperamental, know him or her for whom s/he is. Don’t cross the line. Be patient.

Divorce should be the last resort but nowadays new couples don’t want to tolerate one another. They resort to divorce at the first challenge. A woman should buy a bag separately and stock it with tolerance before marriage. A man should also fill his heart with tolerance before marriage.

The little things that causes divorce nowadays is ridiculous. Most of those things can be controlled or managed. But shaytan keep having upper hand when spouses get divorced because of something as trivial as pressing toothpaste from the middle or snoring.

Sometimes, age is not a factor in marriage. Maturity and intelligence takes upper credit.

The news we hear nowadays is appalling. May Allah save our marriages from falling apart like the wall of Jericho.

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