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Watch List: 3 Business Success Killers

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These are 3 major players fighting against our business growth and development. In the past weeks, we talked about 3 conditions for business success: customer satisfaction, product superiority and operational excellence.  

While these 3 Conditions invariably results to business success, there are also 3 things that destroys all business success. It’s important to note that these killers have to do primarily with the way we think.

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1. Procrastination

What Type of Procrastinator Are You? Infographic

Procrastination means putting off work and activities we need to do for a later time. Unnecessary delays affects customer satisfaction, results to poor products and ultimately affects your business efficiency.

2. Inaction

Inaction is neglecting to make critical business decisions. We already know that neglect is the chief cause of failure. Neglecting to take consistent action in building relationships with your customers and improving your product and industry knowledge will result to poor business.

3. Fear

Fear is the dangerous enemy. Research shows that the fear of criticism, failure and rejection affects growth and development. For entrepreneurs that fear failure, or sales people that fear rejection are only acting against their goals.

We must understand that the journey to business success requires constant learning. Entrepreneurs must learn to fail forward and take whatever experience as a fuel to move forward and not a reason to stop


  • Procrastination, inaction and fear are not just business killers but as Mitchelle Agonsi puts it, they affect our everyday lives
  • The modern entrepreneur must be ready to hunt daily.
  • No matter the outcome of yesterday, good or bad, a lion in the jungle must wake up and hunt otherwise he would starve
  • We must have that mindset to wake up every morning to do our most important tasks first. A handy tip is to write down the tasks you need to accomplish before you sleep so when you wake, you have a good direction
  • To lead a fulfilled life, one must face his tasks and fears. Everything we want is on the other side of fear. With constant effort daily, we can overcome all fears, neglect and procrastination and earn success both in business and in our personal lives




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