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What God Really Wants

God wants the BEST for us all. Yet, many of us are so foolish to desire otherwise. This foolishness is deserving of hell with all it’s fury. Why would someone desire what’s not love, Joy, happiness, peace and beauty?

What indeed can separate us from the Love of God? For God so loved us, the work of His Hands, that He became like us, Jesus, to teach us the way of salvation, love. So much love, it culminated to the greatest act of ransoming his life. He died for us that we may be saved.

That such love would convince us of a change of heart and purpose. A purpose to become like heirs of God and to live like Him. Amazing. Will you today decide to live like Him and follow after what is right and just?

A Banquet Hall

In fellowship, God invites us to a Heavenly Banquet, such that eyes have not seen or ears heard. Perhaps, the richest man in the world invites you to a banquet, you can have an idea how exquisitely distinguished the dinner would be. We’re talking about the banquet of the Creator of the world and of all the richest men in the world like Solomon and co.

Remember when Manna rained for the first time, the Israelites were like ‘JJC’… “What is this?” That’s what you will be asking the heavenly hosts. They’ll be smilling while you’re helping yourself.

God promises much more greater comfort than the world can offer.

God wants to bring you to a place of permanent provision. Overflowing riches. A place of rest and no want. Look at the life He lived. Jesus wanted nothing. Everything he asked and needed were instantly provided. No insufficient funds.

God wants to put you in another Eden right now on Earth. He wants to restore you just like in the beginning. God wants the BEST for us all. That’s What God Really Wants.

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