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Who do you do it for?

My dear Facebook friend, Alexander Tive Oyibode, a comedian of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, shares some good inspiration with this piece: IT IS NOT WHAT YOU DO, IT IS WHO YOU DO IT FOR.

Who cuts Dangote’s hair? You will agree that though he does the same thing as the barber on your street, them no be mate.

When I moved to Lagos to pursue a career as an Emcee/Comedian, one of the first things I learnt was niche branding. It entails deciding from the get go who your target audience is and building your brand to attract and serve them. I chose corporate organizations and upwardly mobile individuals.

From them on, I began to consciously position myself to best attract my desired clientele.

I recall sometime in 2013, I was a co-compere at an annual event put together by a group in one of the largest churches in Nigeria.

One of my critics was concerned for me. You see my colleague got better laughs from the general audience; while, I on the other hand was seen as an “ajebo comedian”.

But guess what, I got better feedback from the leadership of the group (which was my target) and up till date, I still get return jobs both from the group and private events of the leaders of the group at that time.

When I released WaffiBible audio CD, some people said it was not “street” enough. That I needed to be more ‘razz’. I realised many of their suggestions, though well meant would not really sell with my market. So I modified and applied as much as I could, all the while having my desired target in mind.

This same concept came to play with my first published book, Alezander and the 40 WaffiBible Proverbs. For over a year, I had trickles of sales. That was until very recently when I got my highest bulk order (almost 3 dozens) from an individual. You guessed right, it was a high profile client from my target niche.

Let me conclude with this. In profiling your potential customers, you must understand that there are 3 kinds of people (actually 4).

  1. There will always be people who cannot/choose not to see your value. Don’t sweat it. Keep doing you.
  2. Those who like what you do, have the ability to pay, but will still not pay. Give yourself brain. A word is enough for the wise.
  3. Those who like what you do, would like to pay, but cannot currently pay for your services. Keep them in your mid circle. Make concessions for them but maintain your standards. As you grow, and they grow, your values will meet.
  4. Those who like what you do and are both able and willing to pay. Keep them in your inner circle. Value them and their business. Go the extra, extra mile for these ones.

Remember, as you go about solving problems and adding value with your skills and unique talents, it is not just what you do, but who you do it for!

I am Alezander, I help people turn ideas into profit.



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